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It was a warm, mild day and I thought I'd used this time to just go out for a nice, long walk. Tim was relaxing, Dad was at work, and Mom just left to do some errands. I also wanted to bring the dogs along with me.

Me: *opens my brother's door* "Tim, I'm going for a walk and I'm bringing the dogs with me."

Tim: "Okay."

Me: "Thanks. *closes his door* Alright, you little scoots. Time for a walk."

Pretty soon, I had the dogs leashed up and we were walking. The dogs were fine in the first 2 blocks of the walk. But when we got to the end of the 3rd block, we noticed something on the ground. It was a large object that was shaped like a disk. It was also peach colored with shades of white, pink, red. and blue. The dogs were sniffing it, but I told them to step back so I can inspect it.

Me: *gets close to the disk like object* "What do we have here? *picks up the disk* I think I might have a Frisbee that someone lost. I guess I'd better return it to the owner."

All of a sudden, the disk formed a pair of pink eyes, a nose, and a mouth!

?: "What are you talking about? I don't have an owner!"

Me: *sees the disk's facial features* "YAHH! *drops it as Beemer and Belle were barking at it* What in the world?!"

?: "What's the matter? Ever seen a talking disk?"

Me: *nervously* "No. *suddenly snaps out of it* Wait a minute, I think I know what's going on here. Are you a rubber girl?"

?: *playfully* "Maybe. Take me to your house and I'll tell you."

Me: *unsure* "Um, okay." *picks it up again*

Since I had a leash for each of my hands, I had to place it between my index finger and thumb on one of my hands.

Me: *thinking* "I have a weird feeling about this."

It wasn't long before the dogs and I were finally back home. I unhooked them of their leashes and I went into my room while carrying the disk. Just then, Tim called me.

Tim: *from his closed door* "Hey bro! How was the walk?"

Me: "It was fun, but the pups are a little worn out."

Tim: "Okay."

After that, I was finally in my room and I put the disk on my bed.

Me: "Okay, I brought you back home. Now will you kindly tell me what you are?"

?: "Just get a rolling pin and an air pump."

Me: "I understand the air pump, but why a rolling pin?"

?: "Please just get them for me."

Me: *sighs* "Alright." *leaves the room to get an items she asked for*

I grabbed the air pump from the garage and found a rolling pin in the kitchen without difficulty.

Me: *thinking as I was heading back into my room* "Just who is she?" 

I opened the door to my room and showed her the rolling pin and air pump.

Me: *opens the door* "Here it is.

?: "Good, now flip me on my back to show my belly."

Me: "Okay." *places her on her back*

?: "Great, now use the rolling pin to flatten me."

Me: *realizing* "Oh, I see! Once you're flattened, you want me to use the air hose to inflate your body."

?: "Now you got it!"

Me: "Alright, here it goes." *begins rolling her flat*

Once I finished flattening her, she resembled a 19 year old girl. Now all that had to be done was not making her flat as a pancake.

Me: "Pretty good so far. Now we just have to pump you up."

?: "Right." 

Me: *brings out air pump* "Are you ready?"

?: "Ready."

Me: "Alright, hold still."

?: "That's all I can do."

Me: *embarrassingly* "Oh, right." *sticks the hose into her mouth and beings pumping her up*

It took about ten minutes of pumping, until at last she was back to her normal form. She was a beautiful girl who wore white/blue shirt with a necktie and a blue skirt. She also had pink shoes with white/pink socks that stretched above her knees. Finally, she had pink hair with 2 pony tails. 

?: "Thank you for helping me. My name is Sasha, what's yours?"

Me: *shakes her hand* "My name is Robert."

Sasha: "That's a nice name."

Me: "Thanks. Can you tell me about yourself. Such as how you got your abilities?"

Sasha: "Oh, that's easy. I'm actually part toon.

Me: "Really?"

Sasha: "Yep, I was born human. But after a being stuck in another dimension/parallel world called Toonsville, I've gained these funny powers. I can stretch, *stretches her body* change into objects, *changes into a bean bag chair and back* and inflate myself." *takes a deep breath and inflates like a balloon*

Me: "Woah."

Sasha: *deflates* "Indeed. I also attend a college and work with my uncle at a warehouse. It's a nice job, but it can be tricky."

Me: "Why's that?"

Sasha: "Well, it's just that some of my coworkers like to play pranks on me, because of my elasticity. I try to prank them back, but they usually fail. Thankfully it's not everyday and my uncle helps me with that."

Me: "That's horrible. I hope you don't get hurt."

Sasha: "Eh, you get used to it after a while."

Me: "I see. Speaking of which, how did you end up as a disk on the side of the road?"

Both of us sat on the bed as she told me how she ended up as a disk.

Sasha: "My friends, Rika and Lyloo, were playing Frisbee with me. I was the Frisbee obviously."

Me: "I kind of figured."

Sasha: "Anyway, Lyloo accidently threw me too hard and lost me."

Me: "Oh my goodness."

Sasha: "To make things worse, I always close my eyes when they toss me."

Me: "So you don't get dizzy?"

Sasha: "Yeah. When I opened my eyes again, I realized I wasn't in the yard. I was lost until you found me."

Me: "No problem and don't worry. I'm pretty sure that the girls will find you."

Sasha: "You're right, they'd never desert abandon another rubber girl."

Me: "That's what I call loyalty right there."

Just then, Rika and Lyloo knocked on my window with their stretched out arms.

Me: *opens the window* "Hey, what's up?"

Rika: *worried* "Have you seen our friend, Sasha?"

Me: "Why don't you ask her yourself?" *opens the window more*

Sasha came right out the window and landed right in front of her friends.

Sasha: "Hi."

Lyloo: *tearfully* "Oh, Sasha! *hugs her* "I'm so sorry I threw you too hard."

Sasha: "It's okay, Lyloo."

Rika: "You just need to control yourself when it comes to certain games."

Lyloo: "I guess you're right."

Zeneth: "She is."

Suddenly, Zeneth and Hackson appeared.

Me: "Hackson, Zeneth, what are you doing here?"

Zeneth: "We were also looking for Sasha as well."

Hackson: "But once the scanner in my eye picked up her location, we headed right to the scene."

Me: "Cool. Say do you want to play Frisbee since all of you are here?"

Rika: "I suppose so."

Hackson and Zeneth nodded in agreement.

Sasha: "I'm ready to be thrown."

Lyloo: "Wait, Sasha. I have a better idea. *transforms herself into a Frisbee disk* I don't want us to spend another wild goose chase trying to find a friend that I lost. So I'm returning the favor by having you throw me instead."

Rika: "Are you sure you'll be okay? You've never done this sort of thing before."

Lyloo: "I'll be fine. If she can take it, so can I!"

Rika: "Alright. Bob, shall I help you down?"

Me: "Please."

Rika turned herself into a slide near my window. I slid down her back, landed on the grass, and ready to play some Frisbee!

It was soon evening when we finished our game of Frisbee and it was time for my friends to depart.

Hackson: "Well, that was fun. But I think we'd better head back home."

Zeneth: "Yeah, me too. See you around, Robert."

Me: "See you around."

Hackson and Zeneth walked away.

Rika: "Come on Lyloo, it's time we should head home too."

Lyloo: *turns back to normal with spirals in her eyes* "Yeah, lets go. I think I may need more practice."

Rika: *giggles* "I guess so."

Sasha: "For starters, you should close your eyes when you're a disk. So you won't get dizzy."

Lyloo: *dizzily* "I'll try to remember that." *faints*

Sasha: *giggles* "See you around, Robert. It was really nice meeting you."

Me: "Likewise, Sasha."

Sasha: "I hope to see you again sometime. *kisses my cheek which makes me blush* Bye." *inflates like a balloon and heads for home*

Me: *waves goodbye* "Bye."

Rika: "Goodbye, Robert. We'll see you soon."

Me: "See you around."

Rika and Lyloo stretched their bodies to grab branches of the trees. That way, they were like gibbons. Although, Lyloo was still a little dizzy from the games. As a result, she had a hard time trying to focus where to grab. This caused her to grab on weak branches that broke and some telephone wires. After seeing this, Rika decided to carry her home. It made it a little more difficult for her to grab onto branches, but she still was quick.

As I watched them leave, I heard my mother's car horn. She was back from her errands and she needed help. Quickly, I rushed over to her.

Mom: *sees me running to her* "Hey Bob, what were doing outside?"

Me: "Just getting some fresh air."

Mom: "It is a nice evening, isn't it?"

Me: *as we brought in what she got from her errands* "It sure is."

The End

This is my B-Day present for my friend, JuacoProductionsArts! What better gift then a story featuring one of his favorite rubber girls, Sasha? I would also like to thank Sashatoon letting me have Sasha guest star in this story.

A half-human, half-toon girl makes her appearance after she got lost.

Zeneth, Hackson, Rilastika, and Lyloo are owned by JuacoProductionsArts.

Sasha is owned by Sashatoon.
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